We’re Payments Explorer, but you know that already.

Who are we really? Simple: we’re a handful of people who used to work for big payments companies—and it wasn’t for us. The misleading agendas, the one-size-fits-all strategies those companies tried to force onto their users. . . it wasn’t for us. We knew there had to be a better option out there, and we set out to find it.


But there wasn’t a better option. So we made one.


We built Payments Explorer on a foundation of integrity, determined to help users decide what’s right for them no matter what that decision means for us. We’re not affiliated with those big payments companies; all our advice comes from our own experience in the payments space. Yes, we get a small cut when you choose certain payments companies—but those companies may not be right for your business. We’d never force you to align with a company that doesn’t support your bottom line.


We like to think of ourselves as a trail guide who shows users their options, then sets them free to explore payments for themselves. We’ll equip you with all the knowledge and know-how you need to conquer any trail, then let you decide what’s right for you and your business.


It’s a big payments world out there. Let’s get exploring.

Got questions? Reach out at any time.

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